About Us

As agriculture interns for Samaritan’s Purse, Jessica and Meagan are incredibly excited to be living and working in Indonesia. Placed with an amazing Indonesian partner organization, the girls are supporting their local collaborators in creating a training centre for farmers on sustainable agricultural tecniques. For now, that means assisting with experiments in aquaponics, drip irrigation, bio-char, vermicomposting, and the use of moringa and chaya plants.

This program  is sponsored in part by the (former) Canadian International Development Agency, as part of both their youth employment strategy, and their desire to promote sustainable development throughout the world.

PS. All the thoughts in this blog are our very own, and are not those of Samaritan’s Purse.


One thought on “About Us

  1. Hello Jessica and Meagan, sorry it has taken me this long to acknowledge your comment on my blog. Remind me never, ever to take internet connections for granted when we get back to Canada. I swear the connection has a mind of its own lol. Thank you very much for your comments and I love love love the pics of nature and all the green in your blog :). I can see you both are doing very well and I hope and pray that the last months of your stay in Indonesia continue to be blessed ones. God bless you both!

    PS: I agree with you ladies, sheep do NOT go baaah, at least not the ones I have encountered here anyway 🙂

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